Life Changing Results!

" I wanted to make some changes in my life.  I was not happy with the way I looked and felt.  I wanted to become healthy.  That is when I heard about the nutritional coaching services offered by Dr. John Goodbody.  I inquired about the program, was intrigued, and enrolled in the program immediately.

Initially, John helped me set goals, altered my diet, and educated me about how my body is a biocomputer - a living computer.  New foods were introduced, the concept of coupling foods was brought into my specific program.  I learned so much from this approach to health. 

Sugar!  Sugar is everywhere.  In plain sight, packaged as gluten-free, disguised in terms that I never knew was sugar.  Now I know what to look for, what to avoid, what works best for my body.  I have seen and felt a reduction in the inflammation that was affecting my entire body.  

Healthy choices are key.  Of course, this may seem obvious, but I now have a road-map to help me thanks to John.  John went through the supplements I was taking.  He taught me what vitamins or supplements may help me, which ones to stay away from, and reasons why.  

Since I started the program, I have seen many positive changes, both physically and mentally.  I have lost 30 pounds, I am not nearly as bloated as I was, my allergies have become a minor part of my life, I have more energy, I no longer have such strong cravings, my skin looks better, and I have more self confidence.  I look and feel a million times better.

I highly recommend this program.  It's life changing.  Dr. John Goodbody is an amazing, unique doctor.  He is very well educated and has such a passion to help people.  He listens to me and either answers the questions, or guides me to find the answers for myself.  I honestly don't know where I would be without his help.  I only have one body and I want to take care of it the best that I am able to.  Now, I know how.  Thank you, Dr. Goodbody!"

-Lilian Z.   Rochester,  NY


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I completely agree with what you're saying as many paper writings have even published articles on this as to how a person can make healthier choices.